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Ninth Year Anniversary

This past year forced me and my husband to face mortality. It is only our ninth year wedding anniversary but you would think we are already in our 90s. But between losing friends, postpartum complications, surgeries and now heart issues, we really had to discuss the possibility of life without the other. I'm happy to say that these trials and discussions brought us closer to each other. It changed our perspective and even more aware of quantity vs quality time. And most of all, through all of these, I learned something I should have known all along. It is not the where or what that matters. It doesn't matter than we're not getting dolled up for our anniversary date night. It doesn't matter that we are not packing our bags to go to an exotic land with limited outside world contact. It doesn't matter that we don't have awesome presents to gift each other. (In fact, I don't have any present for you at all this year, babe!) What matters is the who you a