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First Birthday: Farmers' Market Party

Eleanor Jade: Birth Story

In a true St. Louis baby fashion, Eleanor was not going to enter this world without first making a statement. Because just like the two older ones before her, Eleanor arrived on her terms coupled with a few twists in her birth story.
From our very first OB visit, I made my desire known to do Trial of Labor after Cesarean (TOLAC) and hopefully have a successful Vaginal Birth after Cesarean (VBAC) delivery. My case was a bit tricky considering I already had two prior c-sections and was also diagnosed with gestational diabetes (GDM) and chronic hypertension (HTN). However, Dr. Jenkins and Dr. Sexton, the two OBs we saw regularly at the Naval Hospital in Camp Lejeune, were very supportive as long as:
1. My GDM and HTN stay relatively managed and under control. 2. Eleanor continues to grow and is not in any type of distress. 3. I go into labor on my own.

Number 1 was "easy." I was taking medication for my GDM to control my fasting numbers but it was otherwise well managed with di…