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First Birthday: Farmers' Market Party

It is hard to believe a year has passed and our Eleanor is a year old! We celebrated her first year of growth with a Farmers' Market theme birthday (see what I did there?). She wasn't a fan of the balloons or getting her hands messy. But once we gave her a fork and she got a taste of the sweet icing, she stopped being sad.

I know first birthdays are really for the parents and this was just so much fun. It is also perfect for our only summer baby! I made Georgia sweet tea (think diabetes) and homemade fresh lemonade. The lemonade were definitely labor of love! Makes up for the fact that I didn't make Eleanor's first birthday cake (I did with the older two). And since we had the party at the community center, the kids played in the splash park after. There aren't any picture because we all needed to cool off especially with the high humidity and 90s temperature. 

Our sweet baby is not a baby anymore!


  1. I was going to ask if you made the cake. Hey no worries -- moms must delegate. But the tablescape -- THAT'S SUPER BEAUTIFUL! such stunning photos. so who cares if you did not bake the cake. the tablescape is a labor of love (and the lemonade!)


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