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First Day of School: Pre-K

Today was Amelia's first (ever!) day of school! Since the end of July, she has been asking almost daily if it was time to go to school. Needless to say, our little four year old was more than ready. 

I woke up late (gasp!) because I was up two hours before my alarm from excitement but then dozed back to sleep. Thankfully, Daddy was off so he was able to help me get the two (three if you count Ellie as well) kids ready.

Nathaniel usually rides his bike to school. But since it was his sissy's first day, he wanted to be there with us, too.

I was nervous about the drop off but Amelia was a big girl. She didn't even look back to say or wave goodbye! 

Well according to Amelia, it was a great first day! She loved playing with play dough, going to the different stations/group and making new friends. My picky eater even ate lunch! And she said her teacher told her she was a great listener. :)

First Day of School: Third Grade

Today was Nathaniel's first day of third grade. We didn't think we would be back to McNair for his third grade but alas, here we are! Since Hubs graduated this past July, we thought we would have PCSed to a new duty station shortly after.

Unlike most kids who started school with a fresh cut, Nathaniel still insists on growing his hair out.


These photos were taken back in January; hence the Christmas decorations everywhere. It is almost a treat to have this perfect lightning in winter and I'm absolutely loving it. I love the vibrancy of the colors and of course my two precious girls!

Photos taken January 18, 2018

National Independence Day Parade 2017

We took a break from house hunting last year and watched the July 4th festivities in DC. All the offices were closed for the holidays anyway. And we were in Washington, DC during 4th of July! (When in Rome, er, DC!) Unfortunately, I am just now getting around to posting these because life happens. 

Tenth Year Anniversary

Ten years. A decade.

Can I be honest? I am surprised I'm still married. Not only that, I am surprised it is actually working.

Growing up, I never saw a future past marrying the man I loved. It's like I could imagine this person but beyond that is a blank. Maybe it's because all the crushes I had up to that point did not reciprocate my feelings. Maybe it is because my own parents separated when I was young so my definition of family is non-traditional. Maybe it is because when Hubs and I briefly broke up in college, my friends told me it wasn't a good idea to get back together.

Whatever the reason is, I believe it worked in my advantage because Dean continues to surprise me in the best of ways. He shows me what a Godly marriage is supposed to be. He knows tough times are part of any marriage and taught me to apologize by example. He proves daily that a broken person is still capable and deserving of love.

And so I hope from this day on, I will stop projecting my own ins…

Breakfast Date

Unfortunately, date nights around here are pretty rare. With living far away from family and very limited number of people we trust our children with, family date nights are a lot more common. So every time we visit in Indiana, Hubs and I always squeeze in a date night or two. Thankfully, our family are very understanding of our situation. Plus, I don't think they mind the extra one-on-one time with their grandchildren.

With our wedding anniversary being four days away (at the time), Hubs and I took advantage of our weekend visit to Indy to celebrate our upcoming 10th (a decade!). The weekend was jam packed with events and trying to see both sides of our family so we opted to go out for breakfast instead.

//Herb Farro: creamy farro, pickled mushrooms, sunny egg
We were still exhausted (mostly Hubs) from driving Thursday overnight but we were determined. We aren't sure if we will have a chance to celebrate on the actual day so we rolled out of bed and got ready. It's amazi…