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Twisted and Tangled 2.0

Eleanor sleeps in her crib for the first half of the evening. Sometime between 2:30 to 3:30am, she wakes up and I move her to our bed. We already know she loves to rub her head side to side, which often results in epic bedhead. But this morning, she woke up with her pajama top all twisted and tangled. It immediately reminded me of Nathaniel when he was about the same age. He did the exact same thing to his top as well! Amelia didn't quite do the same thing, but she loved unbuttoning her pajama top. And she still does to this day! She easily gets hot so often times, I will find her topless, bottomless or both in the morning. And this is why I hire a professional photographer every year to take our family photos. One kid is always looking away or making faces. But I am making an effort to document all three of them together no matter how crazy the end result. And that means not solely relaying on my iPhone and actually blogging about them.

Eye Color

-My children have such beautiful eye colors and I believe that statement isn't biased at all!  -Nathaniel has gorgeous hazel eyes and I am so in love with the green specks.  -Amelia's amber eyes are like honey and gives me that warm, golden glow feeling.  -I can't wait to see and photograph Eleanor's eye color once she is able to cooperate. Right now, they look like they are also going to be amber colored like her Ate. -For those interested in genetics, Dean has blue eyes and I have the typical brown Asian eyes. -Photos taken in May 2017.