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Easter 2018

We went to Lusby, MD to spend Easter with my Tita (Dad's sister) and her family this year. I just love spending Easter with family and the kids have been asking me when we are going to visit again. We have a huge family reunion planned this summer and I just can't wait to see everyone.

Nathaniel and Hubs were sick the week before Easter so we missed all the Easter egg hunts. So we decided to have our own instead. I provided the easy to find eggs (mostly for Eleanor) but Uncle Mark hid 12 eggs and the bigger kids certainly had fun looking for those. This was Eleanor's first Easter egg hunt as she was just a baby last year and we were also driving from Georgia back to North Carolina most of the day (for Lads to Leaders conference).

As always, the children used their Easter baskets from Oma. She sends a new one every year and they are always so adorable!

Tita Beng also gave the children Easter baskets and Nathaniel received this Squawk game. They loved playing it there and they play with the chicken often now. In fact, they love squeezing the chicken because they know I will ask who is torturing the poor chicken.

The beautiful, yummy cake. I guess I was so hungry because I forgot to take a picture of the food spread with my big camera. Just trust me, it was delicious. Tita Beng is a really good cook!

Happy Easter, everyone!