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Tenth Year Anniversary

Ten years. A decade.

Can I be honest? I am surprised I'm still married. Not only that, I am surprised it is actually working.

Growing up, I never saw a future past marrying the man I loved. It's like I could imagine this person but beyond that is a blank. Maybe it's because all the crushes I had up to that point did not reciprocate my feelings. Maybe it is because my own parents separated when I was young so my definition of family is non-traditional. Maybe it is because when Hubs and I briefly broke up in college, my friends told me it wasn't a good idea to get back together.

Whatever the reason is, I believe it worked in my advantage because Dean continues to surprise me in the best of ways. He shows me what a Godly marriage is supposed to be. He knows tough times are part of any marriage and taught me to apologize by example. He proves daily that a broken person is still capable and deserving of love.

And so I hope from this day on, I will stop projecting my own insecurities on my marriage. I need to stop casting doubts on one of the few things that is constant and good in my life. It is time I give it the credit it deserves, and see it for what it truly is.

A marriage that lasts.

Happy anniversary, mahal.

2008: Wedding Day