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Animal Kingdom

Our first official park day was at Animal Kingdom. We have been in Florida for two full days by then but both days were spent at the water parks (Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach). It was sooo hot and humid at AK that day and you can just see it with Eleanor's rosy cheeks below. My Mom flew from Indiana again and joined us just like last time! The kids were so excited and happy to see their Lola. This trip was planned in less than two weeks and we're all so glad she was able to join us even with the very last minute notice. Up! The Great Bird Adventure Show. Look at the wingspan of that bird! I believe it was 10-feet wide. Amelia was being shy and didn't want to give Russell a hug. But Hubs didn't leave him hangin' ;) It's funny because Amelia keeps saying the Wilderness Explorer call now--complete with the hand gestures. The wilderness must be explored. Caw caw! Roar! Nathaniel gave Dug's ear such a good scratc

First Day of School: Pre-K

Today was Amelia's first (ever!) day of school! Since the end of July, she has been asking almost daily if it was time to go to school. Needless to say, our little four year old was more than ready.  I woke up late (gasp!) because I was up two hours before my alarm from excitement but then dozed back to sleep. Thankfully, Daddy was off so he was able to help me get the two (three if you count Ellie as well) kids ready. Nathaniel usually rides his bike to school. But since it was his sissy's first day, he wanted to be there with us, too. I was nervous about the drop off but Amelia was a big girl. She didn't even look back to say or wave goodbye!  Well according to Amelia, it was a great first day! She loved playing with play dough, going to the different stations/group and making new friends. My picky eater even ate lunch! And she said her teacher told her she was a great listener. :)

First Day of School: Third Grade

Today was Nathaniel's first day of third grade. We didn't think we would be back to McNair for his third grade but alas, here we are! Since Hubs graduated this past July, we thought we would have PCSed to a new duty station shortly after. Unlike most kids who started school with a fresh cut, Nathaniel still insists on growing his hair out.