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State Fair

In less than two weeks, all three of us are going to Indiana for nine days. I am very, very excited since my husband is joining us this time and it has been more than a year since he had been home. But I'm even more excited because Indiana's State Fair is going on right now! Dean and his family have been going since he was a little boy and this year would be my fifth time. Indiana State Fair has the sweetest corn, cream-iest milkshake, and yummy-est cheese I've ever had--and all are made from local produce! If I'm brave enough, I might even try the weird foods they are serving this year, which are doughnut burger (burger served between two Krispy Kremes) and deep-fried butter (frozen cubed butter with cinnamon and covered in funnel cake batter). I don't know how long Nathaniel and I will be able to stay because he will not fully appreciate it all yet and the heat won't help but I'm sure we are going to have a great time.