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1 Mile Bulldog Run

This past Saturday, Nathaniel ran his first run! He ran the 1-mile Kids Run at the USMC Bulldog Run event.

As you can tell with the photos below, he was so excited to get started! We had to remind him several times to stay behind the starting line while we listened to the instructions but he was just ready to go, go, go!

Nathaniel really enjoyed the run. He loved the wind blowing through his hair, running faster than the other kids and "chasing"/catching up with the ones in front of him. I think my husband just found a marathon-buddy :)

But he eventually got tired (especially after going up-hill) near the turn-around point and Dean had to carry him the rest of the way through.

But Nathaniel was such a motivator! He kept cheering his Daddy to run/jog.

We did put him down near the finish line so he could finish the race himself.

And of course, running a mile can be exhausting and makes you ravenous!

Not even two-years old yet and already a runner! (See Hubby's full marathon here)

There are more events (and photos) so stay tuned!