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"I pi-yette!"

Nathaniel is really fascinated with pirates right now. He likes to pretend he is one and can often be found in our house with one eye covered and chasing our dog while screaming, "Arrgh! I pi-yette!"

To combine his new found interest with pirates and love for books, I borrowed plenty of pirate books at the library. If it is even possible, Nathaniel now enjoys bedtime story with his Dada even more.

He is yelling "pi-yette" while reading one of the books. And yes, he is wearing Christmas pajamas :) He has outgrown most of his pajamas and this was on clearance. Why past a great deal, right? Also, you can see his "hurt" on his right wrist. He tripped while we were doing yard work this past weekend.

And here he is during breakfast: He covered his eye with a spoon and said, "I pi-yette!"

He is such a silly boy :)

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  1. Oh I love this! When my kids say cute htings, my mother in law always says BE SURE YOU WRITE THAT DOWN but with blogging, you're not just writing it down, you are illustrating it with photos and sharing it with the world. I love PI-YETTE!

  2. Every once in awhile I'll leave the t.v. on and Jake and the Neverland Pirates come on. I guess my daughter likes pirates too because in only the few times she has seen it she already says, "yo ho ho"

  3. Aww. Love these. Especially that last one. Adorable!!

  4. This reminds me of my girls who always do the Pirate thingy whenever I take pictures of them,specially my little one.The last photo is such a brilliant idea...covering his eye with a spoon! so cute!


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