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"Bubbles Bath"

It's no secret that Nathaniel loves bath and bubbles. Combine both and it's for sure going to be a great time. He calls bubble bath, "bubbles bath" probably because he thinks it's literally a bath made from the bubbles you blow. It's silly but I try not to correct him because eventually he will soon get it right. And it will just be another proof that my little boy is growing up.

I have also been capturing a lot of good, artistic and sometimes goofy pictures of Nathaniel. I have discovered that instead of just relaying on lifestyle photography (which I still love) or getting frustrated that Nathaniel doesn't want to pose, I just ask him if he wants me to take a picture of him doing what he was already doing, things he's holding, etc. Nine times out of ten, he will cooperate as long as I show him the picture on my DSLR or iPhone. These photos are an example of that. Before, I would have just cranked up my ISO to make sure my photos wren't blurry because it was poor, low lighting and I'm capturing a Flash-speed toddler. But now, I just asked him if he wanted me to take a picture of his bubbles. He held really still and even blew the bubbles for me when I asked :) And the last two photos? Well, I asked him to smile. The second to the last one was the first snapshot and by the end, he decided the photos with silly faces were a lot better. Hence, why he looks ridiculous. I guess I was asking too much for portrait photography. You win some. You lose some.

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  1. What great shots! He is a cutie! Look at that BIG smile on his face! Priceless! You can tell he is enjoying his 'bubbles bath'.


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