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Wonderful Ways (A Per Diem Nursing Job)

God works in wonderful ways and has given me a nursing position that works perfectly with our family. I had an interview a couple weeks ago at a local hospital and was offered any position I desired. After much discussion, we chose to go with per diem. My commitment is a minimum of only three 12-hour shifts in a month. I do have to work two major holidays and pray and hope that Hubby have those off so Nathaniel doesn't have to spend it without both of us. Not having worked since the later part of 2010, I was no longer an ideal candidate unless I choose to work full time. I did not want to work full time. I did not want to be away from Nathaniel for three days a week, especially since he will be starting Mother's Day Out program next month (twice a week for four hours). I stayed faithful to the Lord and deeply prayed for this (PRN) position. And so I am so, so very happy about this opportunity. Hospital orientation starts this week and will resume unit orientation in August after our vacation in Indiana.

I have always wanted to take these kind of photos---Nathaniel lighted by just the tablet---and I finally had the chance last week. It was during a summer thunderstorm so it was extra special dark, just for me. He was watching Blues Clues on Netflix and wearing his swimming arm floaties. But my favorite part? His shirt. It says, "My Mom Rocks" :)


  1. Congratulation to you Diane for your nursing job. And by the way, you use your son as your model always, but the fascinating thing is you can capture different stages, angles and places with him and it is always new everytime. I love looking at the pictures. You are good at it and you have an adorable model:)

  2. Sorry about the wrong spelling. I mean Diana:)

  3. These are so great, Diana! Especially love that first one. And congrats on the job!!


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