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Night Shift

Dean started night shift last week and it has been really difficult on the entire family. This evening, we met up at the Waffle House parking lot because I didn't get off work in time (7:30p) to be home before Dean leaves for work (8p). When I worked Wednesday, I didn't even see Dean at all (Nathaniel stayed at our neighbor's). That's from Tuesday at 8p when he left for work till Thursday 8am when he got home. We haven't decided yet if I should only work 8-hour shifts (off by 3:30p) or if we can continue doing this. But I seriously feel like divorced couple with equal custody of our kid. We just keep passing Nathaniel along. And on days I get home on time, it's like we're room mates. I'm literally walking inside the house as he walks outside to go to work. Hi and Bye.

And don't even get us started with our sleeping schedule. Everyone sleeps horribly. Nathaniel misses his Dada especially since Dean usually does the nighttime routine. Dean is lucky if he gets 4 hours of sleep a day--either we accidentally wake him up but mostly because he has trouble getting restful sleep during daytime. And as much as I don't want to admit it, I guess I sleep better with him next to me ;P

And now, for four nights a week, calling Dada at work to say good night has become part of our bedtime routine. Dean will remain on night shift schedule until March and we are hoping he will be flipped back to days for the next schedule. And I know I am lucky compared to other military wives whose husbands are deployed and does that come home everyday at all.  Trust me, I'm grateful. But still, I'll be glad when this season is over.