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Temporary Assignment Duty (TAD)

Hubby left yesterday for a two-week class in Quantico, VA. Nathaniel had a difficult time letting his Dada go, even stating he "will be lost without you [Dada]." (If you follow me on Instagram (@dianastlouis), then you have already seen this heartbreaking photo. If not, click on the link to see it!) Skyping has made the separation both easier and more difficult for Nathaniel. He loves seeing his Dada on the computer or phone but couldn't understand why we have to do it this way. He constantly asks why he can't just go home from work. (The only other time we had to video chat, Nathaniel and I were the ones away from home so I think that is easier for Nathaniel to understand. Same thing when we FaceTime with my family in Indiana.)

Speaking of Indiana, I thought about going up there while Hubby is gone but we're planning a Disney World trip in March. So as much as I want to take this opportunity to visit our family, it's best for me to keep working (maybe even extra) to help pay for the expenses.