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Golden Birthday in Disney World

We just got back from our tooootally sweet (as Crush from Finding Nemo would say) and awesome Disney World vacation. I am honestly very sad (to the point of crying!) that it had to end. It doesn't help that my Mom joined us and we are missing her terribly today. She flew from Indiana and met us in Orlando.

One of the many reasons for our Disney trip is to celebrate Hubby's golden birthday (his actual birthday is this coming Wednesday). This was taken on our first official day in Disney (Magic Kingdom) during our lunch in The Crystal Palace. Notice the Mickey confetti on the table? How festive!

Do you want to guess how many photos I took? I haven't decided yet how to share them (i.e. per story, per day, per event, etc.). So I think I should just warn you that you may be sick with my Disney photos as I share them within the next few days/weeks!


  1. I don't think it will be possible to get sick of Disney photos!


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