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Mother's Day

For my fifth Mother's Day (counting Nathaniel in utero), I was treated nothing less than a royalty by the men in my life. I was showered with love, appreciation, gifts and all day was Mommy's-choice.

But I really only asked for one thing: a family photo. To be honest, it was really a gift I can only give to myself. It was a challenge for me to step in front of the camera instead of behind. I don't want Nathaniel to grow up and not have any pictures of his mother because I always have an excuse to hid: I need to lose weight, my hair is a mess, my clothes are old and raggy. Blah blah blah. So this is for you, my beloved son.

We grabbed the tripod, the wireless remote and a blanket. We hopped in the car and pulled over at the first beautiful field we found. No coordinated clothes, no fancy props.

Just us.


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