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One Month Old

Amelia is one month old today! Time really does fly with the second child. I mean, how can it be a month already?!

Like most of the babies in the world, Amelia likes to be held when she is sleeping. I think it is because she likes to have something near her face (i.e. my chest, a blanket, etc). We have started wearing her during the day and so far, it works out for everyone. She naps and I'm able to do a few chores around the house. Nighttime sleep is still hit and miss. Sometimes she sleeps for up to 3.5 hours and some nights she is up eating every hour.

I still do not routinely place Amelia on her tummy for tummy time (I know, I know…) but I can tell her neck muscles are getting stronger. She is still a bit floppy but she is able to lift her head up for a few seconds now. The same goes with her hands. However, she still unintentionally claws her face when she gets angry---mostly when she is in her carseat, which makes her even more angry because of the pain. We have solved this issue by putting mittens on her, which finally stopped falling off now that she is bigger.

Breastfeeding is finally heading in the right direction. I have been healing a nipple tear for three weeks now :( I was so closed to giving up a couple weeks ago but I know I will regret it so I'm pushing through. One of the pediatricians commented that Amelia is slightly tongue-tied, but it should resolved in a few months (though we've never heard the tongue-tied issue again from the other doctors). I remember breastfeeding getting better around one month with Nathaniel so I'm praying the same goes with Amelia. I think getting used to each other, Amelia growing up and most especially time are just what we need in this department.

For weight and height information, look out for her one month well baby visit blog post.