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Six Months Old

Today is Amelia's half birthday! But seriously. How is that possible? How is she already halfway through infancy and onto toddlerhood? Time needs to slow down!

Amelia is one rolly polly. She learned how to roll from back to belly first and then the other way around a week later. And just within the last few days, Amelia started tripod sitting, too! She is still toothless and she is no longer sucking her thumb. She occasionally sucks her thumb (and toes!) but not for self soothing.

I haven't introduced solids yet because we were all sick for the past two weeks. Poor girlie had her first ear infection! The bacteria wasn't responding to Amoxicillin either so we had to changed it to Augmentin, which she absolutely despised. She also had breathing issues and wheezing so we were back to albuterol treatments as well.

Sleep is all over the place thanks to the sickness. But one thing is constant: Amelia only sleeps in 30-minute increments during the day if we are at home. I am hoping it is because she was sick and will soon go back to napping longer!

I love the way Amelia just stares at her hands. It still blows little baby brain and cannot believe they are attached to her. I think it is absolutely adorable.

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