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Eight Months Old

Amelia turned eight months old yesterday! She is growing up so fast and even said her first word! Just like her older brother, it was "Dada." At first it was just babbling but she is definitely using it now correctly. She has since added "Mama" to her vocabulary, too. Nathaniel is working hard on teaching her how to say "Kuya" but we told him it may be awhile before she can say that.

Amelia has not figured out crawling yet. When I place her on her belly, she still pushes herself backwards or goes around in circles. She tries to go to crawling position when sitting up but hasn't quite figured out how to move her other leg so it is not stuck underneath her. Amelia also still only has two bottom teeth. Sometimes I wish that is all she will have because they are so stinkin' cute when they stick out when she smiles.

If you noticed in the photo with her stuffed bunny, Amelia's hand is in her mouth. She does that when she is feeling an extreme of emotion: happy, excited, sad, scared, shy, etc. I actually find it super adorable! In the photo, she didn't know what to think about her Bunny's texture so she was a little unsure of it all. See her leaning away from it? Babies are so silly sometimes.

Amelia was sick again this month. Less than a week since Nathaniel went back to school and we were all hit with a nasty virus. Thankfully, Amelia avoided oral steroids this time. I started giving her the inhalant steroids daily and the albuterol treatments as needed as soon as I noticed she was coming down with something. That seemed to do the trick and she didn't get nearly as sick as did back in July.

As long as Amelia is not sick, she is a great eater. Sweet potatoes mixed with rice cereal is her favorite. And when she is sick, she prefers crackers and SkyFlakes (Filipino saltine crackers) are her absolute favorite. And yes, we are still co-sleeping and she is still waking up a few times to eat.

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