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Trick or Treat: Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf

This year, we all dressed up for Halloween. I knew I wanted Amelia to be Little Red or Snow White for her first halloween. And when I suggested to Nathaniel that he could be the Big Bad Wolf, he absolutely loved the idea. (Let's just say, he already had his original costume picked out and bought a month ago. He was going to be the Blue Power Ranger.) We also went with homemade costume. I made Amelia's Little Red tutu inspired costume and cape and Nathaniel's Big Bad Wolf mask and outfit. Unfortunately, I have no proof that Hubby and I participated as well because I still cannot find my tripod from our move months ago! But I promise that Hubby dressed up as a "chopper guy" (lumberjack) and I was the grandma.

I was initially disappointed that there weren't many actual people passing out candies. We encountered a lot of "please take two" buckets. However, Nathaniel still scored a loooot of candy and he had a great time on his favorite holiday as always. Amelia was just cold and happy to go for a walk :)